The New Trend is Royal Racing Green

RoyalGreenRoddler_Front copyRoyalGreenRoddler_Fender

The birth of the new prince has unquestionably been the talk of every town. Some more affluent towns are even talking about what pushchair the little guy is going to be riding in. He’ll certainly have a life in the lap of luxury, so why not think he isn’t going to start expressing his position of royalty with some regal wheels. We are by no means implying that we have any purchase orders from the royal family, but we do have a lot of inquiries on where one could receive a British themed customized buggy. Strange terms those brits have for a stroller, but we are happy to entertain all of the requests we get.

In this case, the classic metallic British Racing Green is a slightly tamer tribute to the royal theme. The inspiration is from 60 years of British Racing and their most iconic car, the 1955 Jag Type D style. It is actually a commissioned specialty project that is a royal baby collectible themed for Price George. The Union Jack and number 2 emblazoned on the fender symbolizes who’s next on throne. That would be one slamming ride for a stroll along the British countryside. Serial #001 is heading to the UK, but a limited edition run of our model 5 will be offered this holiday season.

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