Dealer Spotlight >> Pinki Blue, Montreal, QC

As one of our earliest supporters and hands down the coolest kids store in eastern Canada, Pinki Blue‘s new location is so nice I can’t believe you don’t have to check your kids at the door. To be frank, I’d really like to ditch our loft and move into one of their cozy room set ups. Impossible to miss is their wicked kustom edition Roddler with a black quilted top and purple ultra suede insert. On top of it, the fenders are the only of their kind. Hand painted in a custom metallic blue and triple cleared by the legendary Art Himsl, it is appropriately a centerpiece of the store.

D.A.W.S Dad’s you need to get in this one!! If you can believe this, Pinki Blue is doing a promotion for their store and handing the pink slips to their Roddler over to one lucky family. Yes that is not a misprint, make sure not to miss this! Even though they are in Montreal, you need to get a hold of them right away. If they are cool enough to have found us a year ago and hold this promo, you should see what else they have in store!

Pinki Blue   |    |   514.678.7121

NEW ADDRESS >> 4278 Cote de Liesse [between Decarie and Lucerne]

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One Response to Dealer Spotlight >> Pinki Blue, Montreal, QC

  1. Lana H says:

    This store is unreal. Great products and service! Good thing that a store like this exists on the island where you can buy pretty much everything you need when you are a first time mommy and daddy. I love Pinkiblue!!!!

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