The Roddler, Re-Invented; Act 2_scene 2

Livermore, California // April 23rd, 2007

My high school motto was ‘dont just do it, do it justice’. It used to be printed it on the back of our gym shirts, and since I was a little heavy in grade 7, I saw the back of a lot of gym shirts. I guess it stuck with me because the older I got, the more I started to realize that it is really hard to do everything the justice it deserves. There is just too much to do, so you have to pick your  battles. There are also those people who are fine with the idea of coasting through life just doing enough to get by. That is not our modus operandi, we are more to the other extreme – if you’re going to do it, go balls to the wall. The Roddler being the perfect example.

We already admitted that our concept to redesign a stroller was a lofty one. So, when we set sail on this adventure, we didnt exactly pack a life jacket, or a lunch for that matter. We just decided that its time so there was no margin for error. That is why when our first Roddler came out exactly as it was designed, we scrapped it and started again 3 more times. The second design was arguable the most influential and certainly the one that set us on course. It is still being circulated online as some new product design and in every instance we wish we could tell the rest of the story.

I guess when you dont have kids, it is really easy to design something for kids that is pretty cool. It is hard not to have any design sense polluted by the amount of useless and ill-conceived products that make it to the shelf. Everything looks like it is made for your kids to play with or at the very least with no consideration to what Dad is going to do. It is no wonder why fathers  tend to feel alienated when baby comes along, we get a couple weeks to figure out what’s going on and back to work. The evolution from Baby Bomber to Roddler was the result of us making the journey into the kiddie world without losing focus on our original vision, which was to make a really cool product that dad can connect with too. It was still clear that a slammed stroller with the wheelbase and width of a Harley wasn’t going to help sell mom. So we made some compromises that we thought we were the answer. We pearlized the paint, added the turning wheel and boom, ready to roll. Holy crap, now that mom got a kick out of it, we forgot that you actually need to push a kid…

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