Inspiration is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

So, I was trolling online as I usually do and I stumbled on a website by January Holmes, and these three mock advertisements of the Roddler she took the liberty to piece together. We didn’t solicit or authorize the work, and it is clearly a school project or something to that effect…but still, your first first reaction definitely has to be WTF?! When I got to thinking about it, having inspired January to take the time to create the pieces was pretty awesome. I mean, its not like she is trying to profit from our idea by knocking us off (which is hardly the flattering side of imitation) she was inspired by us! And this stuff takes a lot of time, just cropping around the wheel spokes is a chore that Joe will still cry about. Anyways, so, while the ads are not really how we want our product portrayed, its pretty good stuff. We bet she will have a promising future.



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