Here We Go Again…

In our industry, it’s hard enough to get any real exposure outside of parenting magazines. You’ve got to have some sort of really innovative competitive advantage for a major national news outlet to be giving you props. Outside of our design and engineering, our next greatest feat has to be that we operate with a marketing budget that’s equivalent to a 12 year old’s lunch money. So, you know when you get recognized by ABC and its not the Kids Expo, some of the right people are taking note.

Today was one of those days, sequestered to a stuffy conference room in a cheap hotel about an hour and a half from anywhere I needed to be. While getting an inspirational lecture on how to  build a great organizational structure, I was also getting a message from the Google Santa with a forecast from ABC Nightline. Apparently, JuJu Chang and Kelly Harold are predicting that “luxury baby strollers are the new moms status symbol”. Not only that, when it comes to status symbols we had to get a little credit where due. It seems that we’ve unintentionally dethroned the Silver Cross pram as the most opulent ride and ultimate wheeled status symbol for kids. Even if it is a story about Bugaboo’s rise to fame, we might as well take our back seat and start going for the ride.

Check out the feature on ABC Nightline tonight, or visit the article >> HERE

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2 Responses to Here We Go Again…

  1. Val says:

    Bugaboo, schmugaboo,…the Ryddler doesn’t even know what a Bugaboo is (no rear view mirrors!!)…
    (insert picture here!)

  2. joe says:

    @Val … hahahah thats classic! (sports term… “bye you”) lol

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