The Ultimate Indulgence

We’ve already been undergoing a refreshing change from business as usual. Summer is only a few weeks away and there is already a palpable hue of anticipation. We can’t seem to put our finger on what is bringing on the renaissance, but it’s more then just Hollywood getting in the mix .

Indulge Magazine from Fort Worth casually reached out to offer us an incredible shout out in an article they were running on luxury strollers.  We were really not expecting a solo, but we’re also not stopping to ask where the other strollers disappeared to from the feature. It sure cleared out a lot of space for a stark white background, contrasted by some glimmering complements and images of the Roddler, Trike and Buddy Wagon in all their glory. I been to Ft. Worth a few times and have still never figured out how Texas is not one of our bigger markets. Maybe a full page feature in one of their top design magazines might help. Pleasant surprises don’t need to come with an explanation, but holy moly I didn’t see that coming.

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