Who’s the Big Dog on the Block Now?!

There is nothing more fun then a carte blanche build. We had one lucky customer who strolled into Bel Bambini with a sense of style and some plastic looking for a new ride.  After perusing our laundry list of accessories, Joe blessed it with some of his signature style and tada! One of our finest Roddlers to leave the shop.

It has a custom logo and pinstripe, custom pegs and grips and a black 52 spoke front wheel. The metallic flake in the powder coat has enough sparkle to make Liberace proud and the speaker system puts a little bump in the trunk. The only thing better then making a new customer happy is being the new happy customer who gets to push this every day.

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3 Responses to Who’s the Big Dog on the Block Now?!

  1. troutfitter says:

    That “big dog” would be named Ryder…thus the nickname for his ryde…
    the “Ryddler!”
    Thanks, Joe, Bel Bambini (www.bel-bambini.com), and Kid Kustoms!
    Heather and Val
    (I’d send you a picture of Ryder cruising around, but he doesn’t arrive until February and it’s a little embarrassing to send in a picture of his dad in the Roddler…but he does love it so! Glad it’s sturdy!)

  2. Keep working ,impressive job!

  3. Albert Ibach says:

    Really nice pattern and wonderful content material, nothing at all else we want :D.

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