Something Your Current Stroller Can’t Do – Match Your Prada

For the better part of their 99 year history, Prada has established themselves as one of the premiere fashion houses in the world. There are very few girls out there that are not familiar with the brand and their reputation for making the nicest and most coveted shoes and handbags. They also serve as a principle source of inspiration for the rest of the fashion industry, so what they say, goes.

It has also been long established that the roots of Kid Kustoms stem from the fashion and automotive industry, so it is no secret where we get our inspiration for the styling we impart on our products. So, we may have been a hair early in our prediction that tins and fins will be the next must have fashion accessory, but I think Miuccia Prada is  driving home the point with her 2012 spring/summer collection. As far as we are concerned, dads of the world should be celebrating that they can finally buy their wife a fashion accessory they want to play with too. Oddly enough, our gearhead customers are now being envied by the world’s fashion elite because along with your super slick black and red flamed Roddler, you can have a matching set of black and red flamed Prada pumps. Uhm, if that isn’t hotter then Livermore in the summer then why don’t you step your game up and go with our ’59 caddy styled fenders and a matching set of holy hell are those tail lights on shoes?!? Oh yes, we’ve been preaching it for a long time but this is the best affirmation that we are maybe a little less out there then, well Miuccia.

No matter what  can come out of this, more press, or maybe some awesome cross promotional opportunity (I can dream, right?), there is one thing that I know I am dying to see. By the time this fashion trend makes it to the mass market, our Roddler will still be the only hot rod stroller and Payless will be selling cheap pumps that look like a flamed Honda Civic.

Prada images via

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