Hammered Home

The best thing about our product is that everyone does it differently. All of our strollers are as unique as our customers so when it comes to your perfect family moment, pretty much anything goes. There have been few pictures better then this one to capture a day in the life of a Roddler owner. A picturesque beach setting and nice weekend cruise down the boardwalk in sunny Southern California.  Sounds right up my alley. So does arriving in a hammered Toyota mini truck, hitting the switches and dumping on the ground, you know, for more convenient loading and unloading of your Roddler of course.  As far as I am concerned, these two machines go together like peanut butter and jelly.

We know you are clocking some miles and making memories. What we’d love to see is you share your pride and joy. Both of ’em! Send us your photos and we’ll do a follow up post. You can reach us by Facebook or Email (contact us through ‘press inquiries’ because you are our celebrities)

Photo courtesy of Mike Alexander (another Mike it’d be fun to be like)

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