Artist Spotlight >> Daddies Nasty Sons – Mega & Romeo : The Netherlands

Amsterdam started to make its mark in the graffiti movement in the 1970’s and was very important in the development of the urban art culture in Europe. Mega & Romeo took clear advantage of the countries liberal graffiti policies and quickly left their impression as two of the most prolific writers on the scene. I was really fishing when I reached out and am still beside myself that they got back to me,  eager to participate no less. We are so thankful that they lent us their talents for the event because its nearly impossible to fit anything but a photograph of their work into a frame, let alone the real deal. What they achieved with their fenders is exactly why they have become such established and respected figures in their medium.

About Romeo & Mega:

Daddies Nasty Sons are from the northern part of the Netherlands. They had little competition on their patch when the crew was founded in 1988, and tended to model their pictures on those from Amsterdam.  Romeo, Mega and Mark – the original founders – travel around together painting and were joined by sperm in 2002,  who has his own photo realistic style.  Mega is now working as a professional graphic designer,  and Romeo has brought out a  number of records with his hip hop group,  L-West Productions.

(Text from: ‘ Graffiti World: Street Art From Five Continents’ – Nicolas Gantz)

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