Misconceptions, Madness & Mayhem

On any given Sunday there may be some loony in Hyde Park with a bigger audience then we have, but this is our soap box and we’ve been tip toeing for too long. It is a real double-edged sword being the “luxury” product we are. We get a lot of random press features and press is always fun. We love every opportunity we get regardless.  Except, for every article out there that is amazed by our feat in engineering (mostly car guys), there is one whose focal point is the price (mostly everything else).

There was this great little article this morning by Amy Graff from SF gate (the San Francisco Chronicle’s daily website) that was highlighting Bugaboo’s new twin stroller, the JackAss (its really called the Donkey but I like JackAss). She was saying how great it was and how odd it is for parents to be pre-booking a stroller for $1,500 that doesn’t do much more than look good (arguably).  She went on to toot, “like all Bugaboo strollers, it’s stylish, well made and easy to fold down”. Mother of misconceptions, the Bugaboo Chameleon folds like butter if you want to take the f’n wheels off?! Never mind, just a little detail, but we were stoked when the Google alert rang in another blog post and there we were! It went like this, “And if you thought $1,500 was expensive, then you ought to check out the $3,500 Roddler made by stroller company Kid Kustoms”. Well, awesome!! It is the coolest thing in my mind that Amy Graff (who I don’t know) knows who the heck we are! Tragically we were just a pawn in that post that was thrown under the bus to incite some debate about the practicality of expensive strollers. I have totally learned to count to ten, breathe deep and drink a fifth of Glenlivet every time I read these. It is very frustrating because you know what, we intended for the Roddler to cater to affluent consumers about as much as I intended to be white. The Roddler was born on a CnC machine and I was born in Canada, both are shortcomings we gotta deal with for the time being but it is not insurmountable.

As is the case with most inventors, there is something to be said about giving life to a product or concept that is possessive. Some people get to hear about us for the first time because of that feature about crazy expensive baby products. We are grateful that one more person has learned about our adventure and hopefully has formulated their own opinion. Some people genuinely hope that our product makes it because it means so much more. In case there is any giant misconception, we are no corporate conglomerate, we are a couple of dudes who lean on a network of other hard-working entrepreneurs like ourselves who are driven to make their dream come to fruition. Our dream is not to stack chips. We want everyone who has ever seen and appreciated our product to be able to buy it, at an accessible price. We definitely understand that $3500 is not accessible to everyone which is why we get up every day and continue to turn pages until we get to that chapter. Right now, we are investing ourselves into producing the best product we can and that we know how, in the USA. In case you were wondering, there are no other strollers that are manufactured in the US and I am confident you can do the math on why. In the same respect, if you were wondering where all of the manufacturing jobs went while you are continuing to demand for cheaper products, the math gets a lot more complicated. The US isn’t that great at making things cheaply, and we are not interested in spiting our vision to try to put out some craptastic product that is cheap in every sense of the word. So if and when we get there, where ever there is, we are sure there will be a whole new slew of points to contend. The fact is, unless you’ve been down our road you’ll probably never see it from our point of view. Until then and in case you were wondering, the view under the bus isn’t so bad.

Well closed with a little quote from Yannick Sire, and opened with a print from Bansky. Two genius fabricators of different mediums.

– “I’ve done so much with so little for so long, now I can do anything with nothing”

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