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There are always some times in life when you’re facing an obstacle that seems insurmountable. Entrepreneurship brings a lot of those challenges and there is not all that much to ponder since there aren’t that many options. Either you go at it alone, you can wait on a silver bullet or you can ask for a helping hand. The dismal state of innovation in the juvenile products industry necessitates the latter and thankfully, there is Kickstarter. It is a unique funding platform for creative projects where everyone can get involved.

The concept is very simple, as is our objective. Ambitiously, having engineered the Roddler using a CnC process has limited our ability to manufacture cost efficiently. We would like to be able to offer our products at a marketable price point while preserving our commitment to continue our domestic production. In order to do so, we need to make the investment to create the necessary molds with our local facilities and subsequently re-certify the product. What Kickstarter does is allow us to offer different categories of rewards for your pledge, ranging from D.A.W.S decals to a one-of-a-kind, fully accessorized Roddler. Our goal is to attain $30,000 in pledges. If we attain our goal, we get our funding and you get your great gifts.

For the next 59 days you can show your encouragement by pledging to our project HERE or by spreading the word by sharing our link [].

Thanks for your support!

– Jamie & Joe

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