Bel Bambini Is THE Full Service Baby Stop

We are not trying to display any form of bias for dealers here. Bel Bambini is a top door of ours there is no question, but what is most amazing is their customer service. They take the time to get acquainted with their customers, learn their preferences and find the products that best suit their needs. How can I say this without ever having experienced their service first hand you may ask? Well, it is because they don’t even have a model on their floor. Our product is sold exclusively on line for the time being and they are still managing to steer some fantastic orders our way.  Their customers always seem so delighted and are entirely well informed, it’s almost uncanny. We definitely understand that our products are not for everyone, but not everything should be. That is why it is important to have a caring and helpful product expert when you’re being inundated with everything you ‘need’ for your newborn. If  you want to save the experience and maybe a couple of cents to stop at a big box store, you won’t find us there any time soon.

They even have a better online ordering system then we do…and a baby registry! Everyone needs a stroller and we make a great gift to put out for that your friend wouldn’t otherwise splurge on for themselves. Even if they are based in West Hollywood, Bel Bambini will still treat you like a celebrity if you order online.  Click on the logo below and get whisked away to our custom build page.

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