Bespoke is Better

One if the reasons we decided to offer our customers the ability to design the Roddler to their specifications is because everyone has a different vision of the perfect color. It is like painting your baby’s room only effortless, with no mess and a lot more fun. Here is an order that came in from our best dealer, Bel Bambini in West Hollywood…and it is case and point. This discerning customer has a penchant for Barbie and bling and we are very happy to help ensure it all stays in the realm of good taste. In the wrong hands the design request could have gone totally awry and I am not sure one of our basic color themes would have curbed their craving for something unique for Keith. Anyways, score another win for domestic bespoke production.


Here’s the finished model in rose gold. The Blackberry camera does it no justice.

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