The Coolest Ride Is For The Littlest Guys at World Joyland Theme Park

World Joyland is the newest mega-theme park that is getting erected in Wujin-Taihu Bay, the Holiday Resort in Changzhou City…in Jiangsu Province [yes, China]. When you see the images of what they conceived, it seems to be a pretty magical place. Sparing no details or expense, they are clearly looking out for the littlest ones since they are ordering 30 custom Roddlers for the future brand ambassadors. Heck, I don’t know what they plan on charging for admission but the park looks infinitely cooler then anything I have seen on our shores and offering up free Roddler rentals is a pretty grand gesture. Besides, great on them for wanting something so exclusive when they are, well, a few hundred miles from where the majority of the world’s strollers are produced. For the lil’ guys that can’t get on the big boy rides, we can definitely assure that they will be getting to ride something super cool all day and without having to wait in line. Just in case you can’t get enough of it, and you have enough to drop on it, you’ll also be able to take one home from the souvenir shop.

Uhum, Dear Disney, we are all into sharing, especially in the holiday season. I think it would totally be fair if you borrowed an idea from their playbook in lieu of the Cars 2 sequel. I would be my nephew’s hero.

You can check out World Joyland’s equally amazing website by clicking HERE or the logo below. It may take a moment to load but like most good things, it is worth the wait.

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