In a Masterly Manner

Sorry it has been too long since I’ve last surfaced to put out some news. Maybe it’s pre-winter hibernation or post cyber-Monday madness but we’ve been swamped. Definitely not too busy to tend to a flattering inquiry we received from four fantastic Swedish students. Hailing all the way from Linnaeus University in Växjö, Sweden, they are writing an advanced level thesis on Innovation and Product Development in the Baby Stroller Industry. How they found us was of little concern but it is as humbling as ever to received a solicitation for advice on our industry from masters students attending an internationally recognized university.

It never ceases to amaze me that word of our creation has crossed continents and become the source of inspiration for a thesis paper. How can we not offer our time to shine a little light on the backwards process of innovation in our industry. They were delighted and  hopefully give us the permission to enlighten you with their pearls of wisdom. We’ll be back with some updates when they are available. Much thanks to Camilla, Charlotte, Marie and Sandra.

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