Sabina Kelley – Inked Angel

Of all of the celebrities we have come across through Kid Kustoms, none have amazed me as much as Sabina Kelley. A devoted wife, mom, entrepreneur and certified bomb shell, she has figured out how to have her cake and a child without batting an eyelash. I remember when we made our first first Roddler and send out an email to her along the lines of, would you pretty please. Months later, she replied, we obliged and the amazing story was written. Right, you’d think that having Grace-Lynn and a Kustom Roddler would be enough to keep her down for a bit. Nope. Looking more angelic then ever, she graced the cover of the September Inked Magazine with a full spread inside. Hot damn, I can’t wait till she needs a trike conversion.

From her website;

Sabina Kelley has established herself as a true, modern day, pinup and icon.  With a wide international presence, she has graced dozens of magazine covers as well as major ad campaigns, television, music videos, calendars, and so much more.  She is highly respected in her field and has been sought out by some of the top photographers in the business including David LaChapelle and the legendary, Bunny Yeager.

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