There Is An Elephant In The Room, Again.

Ok, now that you have a baby, there is a whole new world of products you are about to be hemorrhaging money on. You need to educate yourself – who are the lesser of the evils and where am I making concessions. We don’t really have time for kids yet because we are working so hard making fun toys for yours, but from what I have seen, and all of the baby registries that people blindly defer to, it must be a pretty intimidating process. You still have hobbies, you still have your sense of style but you can’t avoid the fact that most of these are acquisitions are not options and they come with a strict deadline. Sometimes when you are under the gun to make a decision and you think you have done your due diligence,  guess what, you end up looking like the guy above. A dude with a wicked blown Ford who is unloading its contents into this dinky stroller. I would like to think that had this potential customer of ours done  a little perusing beyond his local Toys R Us, he may have found a key acquisition that would have tickled his fancy and let him keep cruising beyond the parking lot.

Here is a little bit of the process that you get to experience with a Kustom unit. A blank canvas of a Roddler and the personalized service of an internationally recognized automotive designer to walk you through the build. Everything is then crafted from the finest materials, in California. Okay, we are all into making concessions too, so we concede we are a luxury item. For the gentlemen who have a passion for unique automobiles, classic design and cruising with their kids, your stroller is not the concession to make.

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