Artist Spotlight >> Casroc : The Netherlands

Hailing all the way from Belgium, as soon as Danny Casu got word that we were going to be holding Tins For Tot’s inaugural competition he committed to going all out. Boy did he broaden my concept of all out. Forget the fact he was the first to get it back to us by a mile, the texture and intricate detailing in his work is something I’d be hard pressed to take off the wall. The Roddler is plenty beautiful as is, lets not risk the nanny coming home to deliver some bad news like she scuffed your baby on the sidewalk. In baby we clearly mean stroller.  Between his own personal projects and the hoards of corporate clients banging at his door, we really appreciate that he made the time. These are certain to draw a pretty penny for a really great cause.

>> Here is a little more on his bio. To see more of his work, check out his Casroc website HERE or Danny Casu site HERE :

Born in Limburg, The Netherlands, proud of his Italian roots and currently based in Belgium as a freelance illustrator – project manager.

Since the early nineties Danny “casroc” Casu is expressing himself within this urban art culture. The development of his complex style and traditional influences are very recognizable and due to his ambition paintings all over Europe are being realized in co-operation with various artists, companies and Provincial Authorities.

Inspired by traditional cultures and their rituals, Casroc’s work can be interpreted as visual cataloguing of his mystical and symbolic approach – his personal philosophy in reaction to a superficial society. The main issue for Casroc is the quest for personal growth, elaborating his own recognizable style as an innovative artist and the development of it within this versatile art form.

Casroc is involved in the distribution of spray paint in Belgium and The Netherlands and he also takes care in setting up promotional projects in association with other clients’ marketing department.  He realizes mural productions as well as decorative paintings for stands, showrooms and other interior purposes.

In life he tries to find his balance between the rational approach that goes along with his sales & marketing work and his surreal perspective to extract and to synthesize his thoughts in his art. The expression of his personal philosophy goes under the working title “Alphabet Rituals”.

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