We Are Bagging Out!

We want your opinions! Our creative juices are bubbling over and we are finally dipping our toes and product line into accessories. We have conjured up some of the best bags with some secret partners and are ready for some constructive criticism. We really would love your thoughts, good, bad or indifferent.


Unless there is a positive connotation I am not aware of, diaper is a pretty dirty word… so we’re just going to go with bags. Given everything else that you’re probably hauling in there, diapers may get their own pocket but they don’t deserve getting credited with the namesake. Straight up. Which of the styles would you be most inclined to use? I’m sure that one would never be enough, feel free to choose as many as you like!

[ Coastal Bag // DJ Bag // Day Pack // Stash Pocket Bag]


Once we are asking, we may as well take advantage on your opinions on color preferences. To each their own which is why we’d love to know what you think.

[ Black // Distressed Saddle Brown // Chocolate Brown // Distressed Tan]

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One Response to We Are Bagging Out!

  1. Petra says:

    Lots of our fans have found your page – and you should adopt the Swedish word for diaper bag = skotvaska (with dots over the O and over the first A) – like you have adopted our Swedish words for smorgasbord and ombudsman 😉 – but on the other hand you could just call them “a Willvin”

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