A Little Commendation from the ‘Hot Mom To Be Handbook’

Are you even allowed to do this?! Just swoop in all stealth-like,  change my day from crappy to great and not even let me know it’s coming.  Who is this angel they call Jessica Denay anyways?! We are talking some heavy-duty stuff to overshadow; like a day of taxes with my accountant (a.k.a. – the cheapest man on the planet who is begging me to stop squandering money I don’t have as he hands me a bill for $300/hr to tell me that I still owe the government money I don’t have), I stepped in dog poo and not even my own dogs’ poo…no less in my crispy new Converse. I could go on all day about my day, but what was so amazing you may be asking? The call out on page 140 of The Hot Mom To Be Handbook is what is up.

“Something to drool for,The Roddler Custom Stroller starts at $2500 (kidkustoms.com). It has a hot rod look and sleek design. They will custom match the paint to your car and let you choose what material the seats and cover are made from; they offer everything from vegan options to the most premium leathers.”
How the heck 2 dudes with no kids stumbled on this one you ask?? I have no clue, someone who knows someone who knows  Joe thought it was cool. We think it freaking amazing!! You can see more about Jessica Denay on her site, HotMomsClub.com. Like that is not a mailing list I want to get my hands on…I swear, only to sell Roddlers to.

Get it on Amazon HERE

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