Artist Spotlight >> Juliet Park : Garden Grove, CA

Quietly making all sorts of noise, this designer, animator and illustrator extraordinaire hailing from Orange County was very gracious to have lent us her talents to participate in Tins for Tots. Having conceived works for from of the biggest brands, like Diesel, Coke, Smirnoff, Dancing With the Stars, and the Vancouver Winter Olympics to name a few, Juliet Park has been a little busy of late to say the least.  Lucky for us she was nice enough to free up some time to adorned a set of fenders with what has since become our new words of inspiration coming into the summer; ‘Become Your Dream‘ & ‘Live to Love

Painstakingly hand painted the attention to detail is outrageous. Each character is woven into an intricate pattern over bursts of vibrant colors to create what would be arguably the most visually stimulating works we have received. To each their own, but there is so much depth and texture, we wish the picture could be worth the thousand compliments that they will get in person.

You can visit her website HERE. It is nothing short of spectacular.

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