Plotting Some Espionage at Parents & Kids, Montreal

There have been a lot of people over the last few years who have taken note of what we have been trying to accomplish by inventing and introducing a product we dreamed up. At least, most people are menches, and if they aren’t freaking out, they are at the very least commended us for our efforts. Now, there is one thing that can be said of my previous experience in owning a kids clothing brand…clothes are really clothes so the biggest problem was producing things that actually was the right size.  They are all so itty bitty its hard to believe it fits a human, well that is mostly because Joe & I don’t have kids so its hard to gauge their size when its really inconsiderate to touch a child you don’t know to take measurements. You know what I am saying?! Try making a product when you didn’t know what it is really for, like us and strollers or an Alaskan fisherman inventing a sand buggy, or really pretty much anything coming from Alaska [especially presidential running mates], …you just weren’t looking for the answer to be coming from there. Anyways, what I am getting at, is…if you are going to be in Montreal tomorrow, I know first hand there isn’t going to be much else going on…come check us out perusing the Parents & Kids Fair at the Place Bonaventure. Sorry, no booth number because we have no booth, I found out about it the day after it started, so we are fashionably late but better then absent! I’ll be hard to miss, come say hi! I am not shy. I am the creepy friendly guy pushing an empty Roddler and serving excuses where my nonexistent kid disappeared to with my nonexistent wife. At least I will have a real business cards and appetite for over priced trade show food. Yes, if you have seen it before somewhere on the West Coast…say hi to Joe! Sorry to blow your cover homie…at least he’s probably pushing a prototype.  Of course, shout out to our Russian comrade. Good looking out, we’ll have your ride back in a jiffy. I’ll post some pictures when I get through and spare you the trip for next year.

Here they are!

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