Artist Spotlight >> Roger Andrews : New Bedford, MA

When we were putting together our wish list for participating artists for the Tins for Tots event, Roger Andrews was right atop of it. As genuinely one of the nicest, humblest and most talented guys we’ve met, having him on board was such a huge addition. When he sent his back like a week after he got them, we thought we had the wrong address but low and behold, we actually had 2 masterpieces adorned with some of his most well known characters. Not like he needed our attention for his work to make the rounds but with a soft push, our polished Roddler has seen full page features and a plethora of blog features.  With that kind of response we cant wait to see how much we can draw for charity with them!

Freelance Illustrator Roger Andrews is an experienced, freelance illustrator specializing in conceptual illustration with expertise in character creation and design. Since leaving The Butera School of Art in 1992, where he was trained in traditional graphic art and illustration techniques, he has also worked digitally for many years using Illustrator, PhotoShop, and Quark. His versatile style of work and broad experience in the areas of advertising, packaging, and design can always be relied upon. His client list includes a host of well-known companies such as Hasbro Inc., Lucas Licensing, Disney, Digitas, BBDO, Saatchi & Saatchi, Deutsch Inc., and Hill Holliday.

Visit his site HERE

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