Couple of J’s and a Pair of K’s Touch Down in Miami

Just a quick update, here is the link to the post on Kourtney’s official blog bragging about Mason’s Newest Gadgets…a pair of Kustoms Roddlers….

Sometimes in life when you get thrown a bone, you want to share it with your buddies, especially when its a big, fat juicy one. As soon as we got the final specs from Kourtney Kardashian on her  dream models we got busy piecing them together only to note a couple of accessories that would really come in handy. If you’ve been following the weather in Miami, it’s on par with what I’ve been seeing in Montreal….so sun aside, a top down Ocean Drive cruise is still a ways away.  It is still time to bring out your summer toys, you just need to accessorize, as we did!

Mason, Kourtney’s munchkin, is only 3 months old, and since Lamar’ s not the daddy we called our friends at JJ Cole to help make sure that Mason wouldn’t be swimming in the seat… and of course that the Roddlers are properly appointed. They make the best body supports, sleep sacks and baby accessories in the business. When we told them how concerned we were that poor Mason was going to be cold and uncomfortable, they came to the rescue with a quick care package. Sooo, we color coded the fenders to match before we sent it out. You have to right? I mean, come on I like trees but this is no amateur night at the Apollo.

Here are the spec’s on the Roddlers;

White Kustom Roddler

>> powder white chassis with metallic pearl white fenders, white walls with a powder coated 52 spoke wheel and pegs, white carbon fiberette seat  with smoke grey ultrasuede insert and a white carbon fiberette top with black trim, and a black Urban BundleMe from JJ Cole

Black Chrome Kustom Roddler

>>black chromed chassis and powder blue metallic fenders, white walls with a powder coated black 52 spoke wheel and pegs, white leatherette seat with harbor blue insert and harbor blue quilted top, and a lagoon blue Urban BundleMe from JJ Cole

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