Kid Kustoms Takes Santa Monica Airport

Ok, now how crazy is this. After having been graciously invited to be a part of the show and Mason’s infancy, it seems the Kardashian girls really took a liking to the Roddler. While im not a DJ, i’m going to bring that one back…wiggy-wiggy… it seems the Kardashian girls really took a liking to the Roddler. Wiggy was the best I got. Sorry if I offended any white guys who dress, uh urban. Anyways, back to the insanity that is our lives and this ride as Kid Kustoms…they asked if we would be interested in being a part of their promotional print campaign…wiggy-wiggy…WTF?! I guess it is just cool to be cool these days which sucks for the majority of people who suck. Anyways, seriously, the audacity of them to think that we would want to be associated with the 2 hottest celebrities in Hollywood! What a preposterous thought, of course having just put down the paper bags after the last blog entry, out they came again. How Joe managed to put together 3 Roddlers in time for the shoot and drive there to witness it first hand is a thing of talent and beauty. Best yet, if I can just give a shout out to the girls at E! & Bunim-Murray for their help and being the coolest people we have ever met in Hollywood….if you would ever want to lay in traffic for someone it is them. In order to make a delivery, that is not beyond us at all [see]

Now, if we make it into the campaign…whoa, someone let me know. I’m sure it wont be in French Canadian and Joe’s going to be more concerned with how he got on the floor and why his pants are off. Tabernaque!! They don’t admit anything here if it isn’t hockey related. Here are a few teaser shots just to let you know that even Hollywood can’t conceive a story that will shake a stick to the trip we’ve been on. We make sick strollers and childhood memories, we dont make this up.

Here is the hand off at the E! Studios…

Off to the private airplane hangar for the shoot…

A little staging of the set for the girls and the Roddler…

I never thought marker on some pearl paint could look so beautiful.

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