Kid Kustoms Takes Miami

Since I try to be candid and colorful, I will serve it to you as it was served to me.  Put yourself in our shoes for a second, end of the business day, Pinto is sleeping and not a peep in the house. My phone starts to buzz and turns out to be a random 818 number…if you know me, the Pavlov effect of that has long worn off because it vibrates more then it doesn’t. Admittedly I’m exhausted, but it is LA, so who knows what is in store. It ends up being Ashley, this really cool girl who saw the Roddler and thought it was great. For what you may ask, she happens to be responsible for acquiring products for placement for Kourtney & Khloe take Miami. It is off to a second season and it wouldn’t be the same if the girls couldn’t properly accessorize. So, what better ride to flaunt your new baby in the glitz and glam of South Beach. We will follow up on this as soon as we get some details what color’s are the season’s choice, and Joe can stop breathing into a paper bag. The last time I have been euphoric seeing so many K’s in Florida was when A.J. Burnett was pitching for the Marlins. I am sure like his ugly no-hitter, this one Miami will not forget…

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