Eureka! Kid Kustoms meets Kia

This was a really nice feature we got in the Kia Owners Magazine. Thankfully with Hyundai at the helm of the brand, and our homie Eric taking charge of their design, we know they are in very good hands. Unfortunately for Kia owners, while we would fit quite nicely into the boot of one of those Soul’s, they may need to opt out of say a sunroof so they can opt into a Roddler…but we love when we can get the brand out there!

As a little side note, we can also hold a contest for biggest douch bag award. We are not sure how the two finalists both managed to get in the magazine but I am leaning towards the fish stick lover on the cover wearing some vintage Oakleys and waiter shoes. I can only imagine that his collar got popped from leaping over tall buildings with a single bound in order to better distribute water to parched Kia owners.

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