Kid Kustoms Special Ops >> the Longboard

The Special Projects division of Kid Kustoms is our mini dream factory and the place where we construct, re-fabricate and breathe new life into your timeless toys. From trash to treasure, we were commissioned to make this vintage longboard something worthy of hanging out of the back of a Buddy Wagon. The process pictures below illustrate the design process, but the personalized service that will bring your vision to reality is what sets us apart. There is no bounds to the world of custom builds and we are continuing to expand and experiment with more solutions and innovations that make memories.

Iacono Designs has long been defining classic and retro automotive designs for collectors and major manufacturers. Kid Kustoms is our outlet for juvenile expression and in addition to our own unique model platforms, we love giving  a twist to your favorite toys. Stay tuned for more classics that are coming to life.

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One Response to Kid Kustoms Special Ops >> the Longboard

  1. Hell yeah,
    That is absolutly nice done.
    Would you be so kind to explain me (by email) how je printed those pictures on “that kind of” paper.
    and the next stap: how you get them on your longboard.
    I realy hope you can explain it all to me becource I want to customize my own longboard.
    Greeds Jelle.

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