Artist Spotlight >> EGR : Erica Gosich Rose, Toronto, CA

Tins for Tots has been a successful contest thus far. We are still awaiting some artists submissions but since we are asking to borrow their time, we are also very patient when they request a little more. It never takes away from the excitement when we get the call that they are done. We just got word from EGR that hers are en route! My dog is very upset that I am perched on his spot at the window waiting for the mailman. Below is a preview and a teaser. The preview being the fenders and the teaser being the fact they were decked out by a dime piece who is an aerosol expert. Oh Canada, represent represent! We know we are enlightening some of you, so below is also a little background on our homegirl.

Erica Gosich Rose, better known as  EGR , grew up in Burlington, VT. but has called Toronto, Canada her home and canvas for some time. Through her schooling and experiences, she developed a fascination with street art that became her passion.  EGR’s works have been adorning art galleries and urban settings in various cities around the world.  Part of EGR’s appeal is her ability to bridge art, design and functional purpose. With a  unique female perspective, EGR conjures up pop culture and social references to convey her messages. As a diamond in the rough in the boys’ club of urban world, she has long established herself as a pioneer in street art. Basically, she has brought to the art community what we are to juvenile products. Check out her site and other works here. If you can’t wait to put a bid in on her fenders, she has some other amazing pieces for sale.

If you missed it so far and you want to get the lowdown on Tins for Tots or see the other submissions, click here!

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