The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Not to be cynical because I own a tux, but weddings are a disaster and seemingly even more complicated when you know that there’s also a bun in the oven. Forget what the in-laws will think, its more what cutesy chazarai they are going to buy you that you now have to chase around town to return.  Men don’t be chuckling they are your relatives now so this is probably your job. Worse, its an out of town purchase, there is no receipt or you already have 6.

Heck, you know what is half the problem in trying to get your friends that amazing gift to express how much you really care and are elated to be celebrating the monumental occasion….budget [at least for most of the real world]. There is not that much out there to buy that really conveys that special sentiment. Sort of a supportive backhand to the face to say, ‘f-you now I need a new wingman…but I love you and you’re my homie for life’.  Before the woman was involved, picking up the bar tab was sufficient.  Now, if you want to be staking any claim as the uncle from another mother you best be getting on the wifey’s good side.  No, picking up her bar tab is probably not gonna win you any brownie points. Taking charge and getting the guys together to put in on a Roddler…show her that you are grown up and him that daddiness can be kind of pimp too.  Next thing you know you’ve got dibs on the end seat and introductions to her friends. Ok, lets start with just the end seat…and a beer.

How do you do it!? It’s too easy, just call one of our authorized dealers with a gift registry or click to their sites and put your names and order in. Badabing badaboom.

Southern California :  Bel-Bambini    >>   registry |   310.855.9272

Northern California : Lets Go Strolling    >>   registry |   877.787.6551

Virginia : Tots on the Go   >>  registry |   804.647.8602

Canada : PinkiBlue    >> registry |    514.678.7121

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