There is no question if you are looking for coolest and most innovative products for gear heads, SEMA is it. With over a million square feet of tins, fins and everything to bolt on your ride,  “The Hub TV” was out sifting through every corner looking to find the best of the best. Leave it up to Amber Goetz and Hub Team to  have found us, even without me there to stalk her.

With time to shoot only 35 spots for the whole week, they caught a glimpse of the Roddler, who was behind it and had to get it on film. It is still amazing to see peoples reaction when they see it for the first time. Especially hers! Amber is the expert in calling out cool, even in babyland! Check out the all star line up led by our very own Joe Iacono. Chip Foose, Adam Carolla, George Barris, lightweights need not apply. The craziest thing, the Roddler is still not a car.


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