The Machining of a Monster

We have been very active at promoting that a Roddler is not your every day stroller. We are not sure how to better communicate the difference in quality from the conventional strollers on the market then to show you what goes into making them.


Firstly, for those of you not familiar with a 5 axis CnC or lathes, we wanted to give you a little demonstration how a simple piece gets machined. Bear in mind, we start from a solid piece of 6061 aluminum and widdle it away into a sculpted component. Each Roddler alone has 10 unique parts that are machined from a block including the entire chassis. The very best stroller has a thin wall tubular aluminum frame which does not even impart a fraction of the structural rigidity that we offer. The little amount of tubing we use is the same stuff you find on the roll cage of a sprint car. Some say its overkill, we are just trying to give you something that will outlast your kid.


Well, it is safe to say for the stroller companies, the buck stops here. Well actually it stopped before the machining even began, but for all intensive purposes and for a Kid Kustoms product, this is just where things are getting fun. There are a host of accessories available to customize your Roddler and trike.

Personalized license plates, exhaust tips, painted fenders or embroidered seat and top.  I am sure by now your head must be spinning, but we start adding some life to your model in production. Your imagination is the limit and we are sure we can even broaden that if budget isn’t an issue.


We are clearly not just checking to see if there are the right parts in the box. Before they leave, every Roddler goes through a thorough 50 point check to make sure that every bolt is secured and snap is snapped…while it is assembled. We even don’t want to make you pretend like you have a tool box or any interest on figuring out how it goes together. You get the allen key and comprehensive set of instructions just in case, but it comes as you see it.


Lovingly enrobed in safety plastic with the fenders packed separately, and then dressed in a protective case, the Roddler is boxed up and shipped off to its proud new owner. All you need to do when you receive it is be excited, tear open the box and go for a stroll.

As you can see, we don’t cut any corners or spare any expense and we certainly don’t need a fancy dutch designers name to justify a $2,000 price tag. The Roddler is a perfectly engineered, functional piece of automotive inspired art by a decorated designer.  We are proudly hand made in the USA and uniquely the only stroller that converts into a tricycle. If you were just eying us out before, let me know if you are feeling us now. We are really the next best thing to getting pushed.

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