Holy Macmess for Maclaren!

We are a little behind on putting this out but have been pretty disappointed with how Maclaren has conducted themselves in light of the enormous recall they issued. First off, dang, they’ve sold 1,000,000 units over the last decade, in the US alone!? But wait, they are selling the same models all over the world!? So what about the kids in those markets? It is not just that you don’t hear about the recall, it is because there has not been a recall issued internationally. So what they are trying to say is that mitigating the damage from the litigious American consumer is far more important then addressing the rest of the lost digits in more, soft spoken countries. Or, should we assume that there are nuances in the structural design of their strollers that are sold in the US, UK and other global markets and Maclaren is sacrificing their economies of scale in production to manufacture a stroller with a cheaper hinge for the US exclusively?

If there is a problem, it is global. In fact, we are talking about 15 complaints over the course of 10 years in and the design has been relatively unchanged since 1965. So are we to assume that the first few incidents were dusted under the rug until the voice of 15 was too loud to keep at bay? What about the parents that didn’t report an incident because clearly their child molesting the scissor folding mechanism stroller while it is being opened would have entailed some negligence on their behalf. Ok, forget them and forget the issues of archaic design. How hasn’t this been addressed as a problem 11 years ago in CSPC safety testing? Any sane parent reads the warning and wonders why such an obvious statement needs to be marked in enormous print? Clearly because it was intended was for the illiterate child to have read the prominently posted warning and inform themselves of the impending danger! If you didn’t notice your kid hanging on the stroller when you were opening it…don’t you think there is a bigger underlying problem?

Worse, how there can be reports that the recall was leaked early!? If there is a problem of that magnitude one would hope that any company would put their consumers before mitigating damage to their public relations. It is cataclysmic for both sides. Somehow only New Yorkers will be privy to demonstrations on how to install the covers they are issuing. If you live anywhere else other then the center of the world, too bad! How loud silence can be. I guess you can figure for yourself where you stand.

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