Start them Early

Any car aficionado can’t ignore the design parallels between the Roddler and the classic highboy deuce coupes or fat fendered sleds of the 1930’s.  Way back then, Ford was the pinnacle of automotive design. We thought we’d offer to bring everyone to speed with some classic design references for those who chose to hang up the era with the big hats and Plus Fours.
My dad even had a Ford, only something clearly went awry for the brand around the era of the sex on wheels that was our rusted 1990 Taurus wagon [aka the raging bull]. Admittedly even for pseudo-Euro trash like myself, the new Mustang is pretty on point.  The Roddler on the other hand was so blissfully designed that if our classic convertible is ever taking too much space in the garage, turn it into a trike!

Ford & Roddler at SEMA

Ford - Roddler

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