A model Mom

For those of you new dads that are just feeling out what toys there are to keep your manhood and marriage in tact after you have a baby…well, here we are! We know, the emasculation of carrying a floral diaper bag can be a rough entre into fatherhood. Now, drape it over the Roddler’s handle bars and it is suddenly a painless experience.  Aside from the ‘we are going to take the baby for more walks’ excuse we keep telling you to feed the Mrs., here is a new gem that may help your case!

Model mom of 3, Sabina Kelley was featured in her Pindown Pinup article in this month’s Car Kulture Deluxe. We clearly have different view of what it entails to pin down a Pinup but none the less, you know what we mean, you are shopping for strollers! Check out this shout out we got along with a picture of her and Grace Lynn in her Roddler! So, if  it is sounding conceited coming from us, uhum, Sabina Kelley says, we have the best strollers ever!

SK - Quote

Deluxe -SK

SK - Article

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