All these acronyms are easy to stomach, hard to digest…

abc7 trike

abc7 trike & wagonabc7 roddler

Can you imagine, Joe is trolling on his usual coffee run after having finished with our top secret accessory development meeting and stumbles on the coolest camera man around, Stephan.  Loving our humble story, he took it to the network producers and poof, next thing you know Joe is standing in front of the red light at our office!!  Like that’s not enough to make our day, we got a call 6 hours after it aired to let us know we are the top story on their site, not only for day, for the year and they sold the story to CNN !!!! If only I were creative enough to make up something so amazingly uncanny, I would be a writer instead of stroller maker extraordinaire…ABC, CNN, WTF !? What a week! Check it out here

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