Music Video Mahem in Romania

We get a casual email the other day from Romanian pop princess, Corina Ciorba…figure if you live there, that would be like Gwen Stefani dropping a line to give you props, or so I’m told. In the midst of filming her new music video in a few days, and the Roddler is now a must have centerpiece.  Bear in mind we get a lot of fan mail and customer requests and admittedly, we have not been keeping as up to date on the Romanian music scene as we should. A little Internet sifting and some super suppliers brought us right up to speed. Sadly, UPS landed her the box all disheveled with a fender cracked like plumbers ass.  She is either tight with Romania’s David Blaine or has a machine shop cause she managed to fix it in time for the shoot.  Anyways, here is some info on her. We will post the video when it is edited.


Corina Ciorba – Interview | Video

[from] “Corina Monica Ciorbă (born January 26, 1980), best known only as Corina, is a pop, dance, R&B singer from Satu Mare, Romania. She debuted in 2004 with the album Noi Doi, produced by Marius Moga. The main single from the album intitled Noi Doi reached fourth place in the Romanian Top 100. The second albun, named Îmi place tot, was launched on January 1st, 2005 and produced two great singles one that reached Top 10 and the other Top 5 in the Romanian Top 100. The third album Face Off represents a significant change in the artist’s singing style having dancehall, reggae, R&B, drum’n bass, hip hop, house and electro influences, but still remaining a pop/dance album. This album produced two big singles “Quieres una aventura” and “Overdrive”. The fourth album Gimme Your Love was launched in July 2008 and received good critics from the Bravo magazine. The album was produced and recorded in Germany in a Hamburg based studio, under the supervision of Toni Cottura.”

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