The Buddy Wagon Bonanza!

This year is going to be a fun one for Kid Kustoms.  All the world’s problems aside, we are not a company that deals in politics, we deal in fun and have been having copious amounts of it. Now that your little one is embracing their adventurous side they are probably going to have some hauling to do in their new trike.  So,  dun-dunnahnah ♫  here comes the Buddy Wagon.  Its got an actual ball and hitch with a trick spring back lock so you will have no worries that your Buddy will stay right behind you. We will put out the laundry list of accessories with the press release but stay tuned for more images.  You can expect options like panels, seat backs, handles, license plates and a toolbox. Its crazy, until now I thought the Roddler was the next best thing to getting pushed…




One thing for sure is that when there is sun there are Roddlers. Canada is getting spring fever, The Roddler with flamed candy red fenders and wheels featured above is en route to Springys in Hamilton, Ontario. Another lucky canuck!

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