Bajito y Suavecito with Lowrider Magazine

The ’64 Impala is one of the most highly sought after canvases for car collectors. Funny how many great ways there are to dump $100k into a car build as your pet project. One thing can be said for sure, while a classic collector may not have gone with the flamed metallic purple or gold Daytons, you are smiling ear to ear when the switches are getting flicked and its front end is bouncing down the street. Born and bred in California,  the Roddler was engineered with the same premise; to be the ultimate customizable cruiser…for kids.  It may look fast with our shiny finishes, sleek lines and wheels hammered into the wells, but it’s all about taking it low and slow.  So with all these commonalities, it was a matter of time before the mecca of the Lowriding culture took note.   If only we can convince the cover girls to  come to our barbecues.


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One Response to Bajito y Suavecito with Lowrider Magazine

  1. cory says:

    lowriders are cool, they even got them in japan

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