The quintessential modern Iaconoclast


Every now and again, you can find a unique individual whose talent is in a league of its own. There are a lot of awards to recognize their  contribution and abilities. Design, innovation, good will, all sorts.  The one thing that is paramount and never celebrated is the importance of the relationships you make in building a business. We pour countless hours into growing every facet and exploiting every opportunity with passion. With a decade behind our friendship we would have never fathomed we would be in juvenile products, let alone together. Now with more then two years of giving ourselves wholly to something that’s grown to be bigger then any of the parts associated, its time to give credit where credit is due. My business partner Joe Iacono. I’m honored to have a friend and partner as talented, classy, professional and unequivocally devoted as mine.  To the wives out there; this is as much to Steph his loving wife for being our rock of Gibraltar and the most supportive woman I’ve ever met [moms aside]

Cheers to my homie. An iconoclast in 3 industries and counting…

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