Countdown to the Clock Game!

UPDATE >> Drew Carey messes up during our segment! The poor  contestant didn’t seem to stand a chance. She looked so confused and distracted figuring out why they had the front wheel backward or how a stroller could cost half as much as a motorcycle. I think there must have been  a challenge flag during the commercial break because the play got sent upstairs for review, and well looks like another Roddler is off to the mid-west…. WATCH IT HERE!!

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2 days to mid-week morning mimosas! We sure are starting the new year on a great note. If you remember the post from a month ago or have been wondering why a picture of Drew Carey has been adorning our home page, we are just dropping a reminder to tune in because it’s about to go down.  The Price is Right, January 16th. Check your local listings for the air time or follow the link to watch the episode if you miss it.

I wonder if the camera is really going to add 10 lbs. We thought the sunset orange and creme coloring would be slimming but oh heck, either way,  we’d still be 3 pounds lighter then a Peg Perego Skate.


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One Response to Countdown to the Clock Game!

  1. Jodi Colteryahn says:

    I am that contestant that won the stroller and and if you watch the video you will notice that I won the stroller in a quick amount of time so I beg to differ I was confused about the wheels or anything for that matter. The tape was reviewed because of the motorcycle and they gave me the bike because of any confusion between myself and Drew Carry on whether we said higher or lower. I never mentioned anything about the wheels. Thanks for letting me clarify what was written about my win.


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