Sugar coating the sugar pill?


The juvenile product business is sporting a goiter like a second head and everyone is turning a blind eye. Hello?! Ok, we get it, whoohoo, the word has spread. There are nice diaper bags and plastic shower doohickeys to accommodate the throngs of  ‘modern’ parents that woke the heck up. These low ticket products are the risk averse placebo that has been getting served, and people are starting to sober up.  Now that the segment has proven its worthiness, it’s time. Wackstrolleritis has been plaguing the industry since I’ve been a passenger and its amazing with all the cures out there for all the things that don’t need fixing, no one is even  shaking a stick at this. It is going to be a big year for change. If the strictest conformist is willing to step out of the box to embrace an African American president, I would be inclined to think now might be opportune to throw a concept or two out there.

If we let China make all of our design decisions for us, every car would be a white minivan and every building would look like the Birdcage. These aforementioned modern parents are doing the best they can by choosing from the lesser of the evils in strollers, but I mean come on.  It can’t just be us trying to end the sea of sameness. I am not sure what we are going to do but there needs to be a revolt. Maybe we will just start making Kid Kustoms jimmy hats and cut it off at the source.

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One Response to Sugar coating the sugar pill?

  1. Nigs says:

    Jamie, you are hilarious. I love reading this blog. I miss you neighbor!

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