Ground control to Major Tom…

Like Michelangelo painting the Sistine chapel, this is a legend on top of a masterpiece. The Radio Flyer Roddler. Fuggetaboutit. Seriously, unless you are the chief wagoneer or one of the cohorts, this is to be admired from a distance.  Admired, fall head over heels in love with.  Its all rhetoric when you have an iconic brand slathered over a revolutionary product with a timeless appeal. There is very little that you can say other then, no seriously you can’t have one nor can you come over and play with it. I know. It sucks, but then the media gets a hold of it again, it gets blown out of proportion and then we need to send their receptionist flowers…so please, for your viewing pleasure only.




Tom, Jeff, Claudia & Edward…you guys are the coolest. We loved having the chance to put this together and hope we get some ooos and aaahs.

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