a Pregnant moment for the Roddler

It is clearly going to be a great holiday season for Kid Kustoms. We are still gleaming from the photo shoot at Pregnancy Magazine this past week and were lucky enough to get a wide angle studio shot to share with you. We wanted to give  our faithful readers a quick peek of a moment in the life of a world renowned celebrity [surely you know I’m not taking about Joe or myself].  The only thing cooler then the staff is that we are getting a full page feature in this February’s issue!  Naturally no ordinary Roddler would suffice, we had to step up our game for this opportunity. We brought one with the first polished chassis we have produced and decked it with Roger Andrews‘ Tins for Tots  fender submission.

I wish I could say that the novelty of getting a feature wears off but they keep rolling and I can’t wipe the stupid grin off of my face. I am actually quite concerned. All the years in the meat locker up north kept me looking young, but all of these awesome features are giving me laugh lines.

Pregnancy Magazine Shoot - courtesy of Future Media


Much thanks to Abbie and crew at Future media for their great hospitality and photo from the shoot.

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One Response to a Pregnant moment for the Roddler

  1. It was a pleasure having you both at our humble abode. -abbie tuller

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