Live Wired

There are few things that make my holiday season the most special time of the year. Great times with friends and family, freezing my ass off back in Canada and Louis Segal’s pictures of our product featured in the Wired Store. Delivering like the mailman, only if the mailman was really a rock star who took the sickest pictures ever,  we’d try to lure him out to the Left coast with visions of soft sand and sunny beaches. Fortunately we’ve got the best in the West so Joe and I won’t need to start stacking bricks on the graveyard shift at Home Depot to afford him, or not just yet. This year Cookie Magazine staked claim to the kids section and the trike was unquestionably the centerpiece. I think I sent Cookie too many line sheets from the 2007 Pinstripe Prep collection cause the theme made me a bit nostalgic.



wired-08-1Photography credit of: “Louis Seigal / insue

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