Red Roddler Red Roddler…


Another quick cruise down the 5 and we were off to Baby Ant on Ventura Boulevard. The Valley is also home to the CBS Studio Center [where the sitcom magic happens] and the vast majority of the adult entertainment industry. Needless to say there is an eclectic blend of style, wealth, and with a fair bit of baby making, Baby Ant is the source for all things great for your child.  If you have been following our posts and market proliferation, we getting put in the window more often then the only couple in a restaurant. As a great side note, that guy in picture was hovering while we were there like I didn’t notice I dropped a $20. The minute we turned around, on went his hands and a silly grin. We thought he needed a few minutes alone.

18561 Ventura Blvd. [west of Reseda]

Tarzana, CA 91356

[818] 609-0410

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