Better MPG then a Prius


We caught this Roddler sighting on the freeway into Los Angeles. Too bad it wasn’t a little sunnier since the bop top would have been down and we could have had a glimpse of the passenger. The chauffeur was nice enough to allow us to snap this picture, but after traffic cleared up he passed us at the base of the Grapevine and was gone.

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One Response to Better MPG then a Prius


    i recently was in barnes and nobles and picked up a bike magazine because the cover caught my eye, a old school bike, which ive been inspired by the early 30’s,40’s bikes and hotrods. i was looking through the magazine and saw the roddler trx, i got excited showed my wife and said look jayden’s first tri-cycle. well he’s not completly out of the oven yet, but he will be out in Feb. 09. cant wait till that bikes comes out. love the style

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