Christmas Crazies…

I love Christmas. The lights, the Hanukkah bush and spiking the coffee with my crazy great aunt before noon [“happy time” comes earlier during the holidays].  I’m thinking Christmas prep might come earlier too this year. At least I may be able to drink auntie under the table by then because I don’t know how else to cope with these sob stories.

One thing for certain is that during a slower period there are few entrepreneurs with the kahunas to innovate. With the people who don’t really need it being the ones who are getting the available loans, juvenile product companies should be cocked, locked and out to acquire. With long product development lead times that extend well beyond the projected ‘economic downturn’, they would either need the next gem in the works or have predicted this in 2006 to be in good shape [score one more point for domestic manufacturing]. Simply put, we praise innovation and frown on stagnation. Squinting through the periscope of juvenile fashions, all I see is the same dreck with new fabrics in 2010.

Companies are pumping their dollars into advertising and retailer markdown allowances,  or rather,  their last concerted holiday effort to apologize for releasing a product that is so unremarkable.  I can’t believe Quinny managed to find another obscure European artist to make a limited edition, Bugaboo must have drugged and blackmailed Marc Jacobs to get him to lend his name to 7 year old Chameleon. 15 units or not I literally feel ill and have lost just a little faith in fashion. It brings me to the question…whats going to get people to pull out their plastic? Alternative marketing or conventional advertising? The big guys are clearly trying to buy into both, the real question is are the consumers buying into any of it? Have you seen the not so newly released Fendi Aprica?! That’s like Prada giving the thumbs up to a putting their name on a Ford Focus with a skirt kit. Anyone who actually owns a Fendi bag would be appalled by the monstrosity. I wish I could report it was a publicity stunt because I’ve seen it at retail despite no one but Aprica seems to want to take credit. [sorry Paul,  that’s 2 Aprica jabs in a row,  but we hope to see you try a swipe at Maclaren]

Feature after feature, window after window, it astonishes us how the occasional short sighted, pound foolish retailer can get flustered and behave. After 2 years of courting I will sadly report we got the ghetto heisman from one guy this week in order to feature cheap ass garbage instead. Sorry, the rejection email we received a week prior to delivery read ‘holiday gifts’.  Gee, how do you contest that logic. A stack of poorly designed and packaged products at the store front really makes consumers curious what other junk lies within.  A little uncertainty and it’s time to retreat, deviate from the business model that made them successful and go with the Walmart philosophy. Now I don’t need to name names, but I will certainly say that we don’t make compromises so you won’t be finding anything from us there, now or never.  What? I know,  you wanted a hint. If Deez Nuts were looking for somewhere to live it would certainly pick this cow tipping town…


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One Response to Christmas Crazies…

  1. Crista says:

    Now THAT was the most refreshing thing I have read all day. I’m glad that I’m not the only one with the crazy look on my face when I saw MJ Chamelion or the Fendi Mess. Unbelieveable.

    I am now subscribed to your glorious writes and rants:). You get my vote too:)!

    Looking forward to working with you this spring!!


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