Airborne-Oakley Roddler Update :: the hand off

Like we were eluding to in the previous post, it is hard to describe the scale of Oakley’s facility so we thought we would add a few thousand words in the form of photos.  The entrance is monumental inside and out [those are seats from an f16 fighter jet], there are more cars in the lot then Ikea mid-Saturday and forget the heli-pad,  their security car isn’t either of the ones below, its a decked out Hummer H1. I challenge anyone from any industry to find a more infectious corporate culture. I was looking everywhere for the punch bowl of Kool-Aid but nothing to be found, it is so much the real deal once you leave you will be sifting through your drawers for your old Frogskins with the iridescent lenses. Thank you a million Neil for making it all happen.  With what goes through their R&D department, the fact he was speechless was enough said.

You can high res images on Did we mention we have more features there then our Bay area brethren, Tesla. Ya, its one of the biggest car websites you’ll find aaaand we are a stroller.


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